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SugarBEET Stake 'n' Shake
SugarBEET stake & privacy protocol - unique, no forks, no clones. 
$SWEET Rewards Contract Address:


Stake PLS, BEET, SWEET, HEX, PLSX, & INC to earn SWEET rewards with no lock terms. SugarBEET currently only runs on the PulseChain network, it uses a relayer for lightening quick withdrawals of staked assets and claiming rewards.

Withdraw any amount within your balances, anytime, to any recipient with no links or tracks on-chain back to the origin. You can also choose the origin as the recipient if you want a standard withdrawal / claim.  

SWEET rewards are earned in return for contributing to keeping the pools active and full which enhances privacy, Proof Of Delay (POD). Staking rates are fixed and specified on the terminal.
Connecting Wallet
To connect your wallet, simply click "Connect Wallet" on the top right of the header, see below.
Next click on the wallet you're using from the list.  Your wallet will pop up and then ask you which of your addresses you want to connect to in the normal way.

Your wallet will also ask you to "Sign", the signitures last for 24 hours, after that it will ask you to "Sign" again. Only signed address'susers can stake / deposit, withdraw, and claim from the contract.

That's it, the protocol and terminal will then open and show all your balances, allow deposits, withdrawal and claims.
Terminal and Staking
A simple to use and clear interface,  coins / tokens listed on the left with the corresponding staked balances for each in the middle and the accumulated rewards on the right.

Use the drop down box to select which asset you want to stake, the balance below shows the amount available in your connected wallet for which ever asset is selected.

Once you have selected the asset to stake, input the amount you'd like, click "Approve" and approve the amount on your wallet, then you can click "Stake" and confirm it. There is a 1% fee for all deposits, paid in the staked asset.

IMPORTANT: Even if you're not staking PLS, a small amount of PLS needs to be staked to enable withdrawals and claims, there should always be at least a small balance of PLS staked for gas. This is required because withdrawals and claims use gas from your staked PLS balance once on the protocol. Withdrawals / Claims request the relayer to send the transaction, this keeps your origin address from showing the interaction on-chain.

Due to this, when withdrawing staked PLS you cannot withdraw the full balance as you need to allow for the gas, there needs to be enough staked gas to power the tx as well. You can withdraw or claim your full balance of everything else, it will use your staked PLS for the gas. The estimated gas costs and the max amount allowed are displayed in
 the withdraw and claim box so you can allow for this.
SugarBEET terminal updated.png
Withdraw Staked Assets
Click "Withdraw" on the terminal, then the withdraw window will pop open. Select the staked asset you want to withdraw, the maximum amount available withdraw-able is displayed for the selected staked asset as well as the expected PLS gas cost. Input the amount, paste the recipient address you want to receive it and click "Withdraw". You can withdraw any amount small or large, unlimited partial withdraws and to unlimited addresses as long as its within your staked balance.

If there are no mistakes in your request, as soon you click withdraw you'll see a green tick and "Withdraw Requested" message in the header at the top, the relayer has already picked it up as soon as you get this green message and the funds have been sent and are on the way, your balance is adjusted and your funds arrive quickly. It's slick, lightening quick and there is no messing around saving keys or claiming required on the recipient end.

If you get a red warning message in the header, it's been rejected. Correct the mistake and try again, reasons for an error and rejection can be you never had enough staked PLS for the gas, you tried to withdraw your full PLS staked balance without allowing for the gas cost of the tx, you tried to withdraw more than your available balance, an invalid address etc.

Make sure you double and triple check the recipient address is correct before clicking "Withdraw" in the pop up window because if it's a valid address, you have enough staked PLS for gas, and it's an amount within your balance, then it's sent and gone nearly instantly after you click "Withdraw".

The contract only allows signed users of the protocol to stake, withdraw and claim within the rules of the protocol and the balances of their connected signed address.

Make sure you claim all your rewards before withdrawing any amount or you will forfeit the earned rewards on that asset proportionate to how much you withdrew. The reason for this penalty is so casual users that are just using protocol to move assets don't receive SWEET rewards, keeping the supply down.
Withdraw example 1.png
Claim Rewards
Claiming is similar to withdrawing, but you are claiming only your earned SWEET rewards to be minted and withdrawn here though. You still have the drop down box to select the asset because you are claiming the rewards accrued by the corresponding staked asset. Again below it will show the max available amount of earned SWEET rewards for each staked asset selected, as well as the expected staked PLS gas cost.  

SWEET is both a valid withdraw-able staked asset as well the claim-able reward token. The same applies, select an asset to "Claim" the an amount of the corresponding SWEET rewards available earned by that stake. Input the amount of SWEET to claim and withdraw, paste the recipient address and click "Claim".

SWEET is minted to the recipient address you input when claiming. Again you can claim any amount within your balance and unlimited times to any recipient addresses. The same applies, as long as you input a valid address, have enough staked PLS for gas and are claiming an amount within your balance, then you will get the green tick and "Claim Requested" message in the header which means the relayer has picked it up and the SWEET is instantly minted to your recipient address, a red message means there was a mistake and it is rejected.

The contract only allows SWEET to be minted by signed users of protocol and claims must be within the available balance of the connected signed address.

Stakers on SugarBEET don't recieve reflections, they go to the BEET pool to create ever increasing permanent liquidity over and above what is staked, this further enhances privacy over time.

Due to the taxes on BEET transactions the total cost for using the protocol to stake and move BEET is also higher than other assets.

This is all accounted for with much higher BEET staking rates, the value is transferred into their SWEET rewards to recover this and earn much more there after.

The user pays the gas for withdrawing and claiming with their staked PLS, so it's best to always keep at least a small balance of PLS staked. 

The Relayer then pays the gas when it processes the transaction, but the staked PLS the user is charged stays in the PLS liquidity pool. Again this creates ever increasing permanent liquidity over and above what is staked. The gas for the relayer is funded by a portion of the 1% deposit fees.

SWEET is both SugarBEET's reward token and a stake-able asset. This means you claim SWEET rewards and can then stake them, so you can have staked SWEET which is withdraw-able as well as SWEET rewards which are claim-able... TIP: compounding is even more rewarding.

Both BEET and SWEET are closely tied with each other in the ecosystem. Firstly, the value of the BEET transaction taxes and reflections are transferred into SWEET rewards earned by staked BEET. Also they are being paired with each other in the dex liquidity pool.

They both have separate roles within the BEETroot ecosystem. BEET will continue to receive the benefits of the buy back and burns from all fees. SWEET will be the utility token as it has no transaction tax's. Further utility and use-cases that burn SWEET to be announced. Watch this space.

The deposit fee is 1% paid in the asset being staked or moved through the protocol. 0.75% allocated to BEET buy back and burns. 0.25% for maintenance and the relayer's transaction gas, plus further development of the BEETroot ecosystem.
1. Make sure you have staked some PLS to be used for gas on withdrawals and claims. Always keep at least a small balance of PLS on the protocol for gas.

2. Don't withdraw the same full amount as you deposited in one go. For privacy reasons it's better to do some partial withdraws, even if you're moving it all. Even better is some partial withdraws to multiple new clean addresses.

3. To maximize your staking claim your SWEET and restake it to compound. You can claim any amount back to your either your origin to compound it, or claim to a new clean recipient and start new stakes there.

4. Make sure you claim all your rewards before withdrawing any amount or you will forfeit the earned rewards on that asset proportionate to how much you withdrew. The reason for this penalty is so casual users that are just using the protocol to move assets don't receive SWEET rewards keeping the supply down.
Not for use by citizens of the US or any US territory. This is an experimental protocol using new technologies including smart contracts. It's advised that users exercise caution, neither BEETroot, SugarBEET or it's founders are liable for any losses caused due to attacks, exploits, bugs or vulnerabilities. Whilst every effort has been made to mitigate these risks, users of the platform do so at their own risk.
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