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SugarBEET Tunnel - $SWEET
Coming to PulseChain &
X1 Chain (XEN)
This privacy protocol is being built from scratch, it's unique and groundbreaking, there is nothing like SugarBEET, neither in crypto generally nor PulseChain / X1 Chain.

Hint... it will feature tokens as opposed to native coins, and it's not for bridging or swapping!

Initially the PulseChain version will feature SWEET. With BEET, HEX, and PLSX in the longer term plans.  

The X1 Chain version will also feature SWEET first, but with XEN to be added to it in the longer term (Also there are longer terms plans to add the X1 native coin to the Privacy Bridge).

It will be a fantastic addition and sister protocol to the Privacy Bridge.

Remember, if your in $BEET your in $SWEET.
Watch this space...
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