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Sacrifice live, see below for current tier...
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As with  the original ideolgy of crypto, we believe that anonymity & privacy is an absolute right.

To this end, the BEETroot Sacrifice is creating a set of people that believe privacy and anonymity are protected human rights. 

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Do not sacrifice directly from an exchange. Only sacrifice from your own wallet that you hold the keys or seed phrase for.

Sacrifice only from PulseChain, ETH, BSC, POLYGON, FTM, or AVAX networks, and only in the supported native coins, tokens and stables below.  You can sacrifice more than once...


Sacrifice Address:

(Same for all the EVM chains listed above)


Sacrifice Rates

Tier 1 phase:
100 - 199 TG members:
$1 = 10000 points

Tier 2 Phase
200 - 299 TG members
$1 = 8000 points 

Tier 3 Phase:
 TG members
$1 = 6500 points


Volume Bonus:

Top 1-5 Sacs:
2.0x Multiplier

6th-10th highest sacs: 
1.75 Multiplier

11th-25th highest sacs:
1.50 Multiplier

These are in addition to early sac bonuses, you can qualify for both...

Current Tier

Pre-Sac now closed

Once a telegram milestone is confirmed and hit, the following 23:00 UTC will be the defined cut off to the next tier, the date and time will be updated on the website and this TG post, so there will still be time to sac in current tier.

Everyone will know in advance exactly when it cuts off to the next tier.

Sacrifice will end a week after PulseChain goes live, then preparations for BEET mainet launch will begin.


This sacrifice is to prove how strongly you believe in the right for anonymity & privacy. You must have no expectation of profit from the work of others. The set of people who have sacrificed to show their commitment to this political statement makes a great set of people to airdrop BEET to. These Sacrifice Points are not meant to have any monetary value. Remember, you are not buying anything, BEET is designed to start with no value. Do not sacrifice if you are from the USA, citizens from the USA and it's territories are prohibited from participating.
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