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Beetroot Privacy Bridge
& Mixer, Featuring PulseChain
Cross-Chain Privacy Bridge and Mixer featuring PulseChain, currently incorporating ETH, BTC, PLS BSC, AVAX, POLY, AVAX, FTM, CRO, DogeChain, and BASE!

No KYC, anonymous, cross-chain transactions. For example, send BNB from BSC chain and receive in ETH to a clean un-tracked address on ETH chain, breaking the link from your sending address. 

Equally you can send in to the bridge and receive to new clean address on the same chain, ETH to ETH, or PLS to PLS.

Remain untraceable with our privacy bridge, whether cross-chain bridging or operating within the same chain.

Bespoke for BEETroot's suite of crypto privacy tools, powered by our partners BlockBlend.  

A special discount of 10% - 15% has been agreed for users of our bespoke Beetroot version, this will be automatic and save you $$'s.

As always our fee share goes to buy back and burn BEET. Always a Win Win with BEETroot.
Important things to note when using the Privacy Bridge Dapp
(1) Always click copy and save your Recovery Code, not just screenshot.

(2) Do not send less than the minimum amount for the originating chain.

(3) Also do not send more than the maximum amount either.

(4) All transactions must be completed within the time of the Timer Delay selected. The default is 10 minutes.

(5) If using the Bridge with your wallet connected, do not close the pop-up window till your assets have been received by the DApp issued wallet.

In order to look into the system, the Technical Support needs the Recovery Code. This is a security feature. Without the Recovery Code, others may falsely claim that the assets belong to them.

Use the Bridge to stay safe, stay private, and stay ANONYMOUS !!!
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