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Local Monero - No KYC p2p Fiat Ramp
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Despite the name, trades don't have to be Local, you can also choose cash in post for nationwide trades, or bank transfer which can be local, nationwide or even worldwide. Bank transfer trades are normally completed and in your bank within minutes. 

Your Monero stays in your Local Monero wallet, you keep custody of your assets throughout the whole process, no 3rd parties. 

Local Monero is the arbiter to ensure the assets are received safely by both parties. During a trade, your Monero stays locked in an escrow until you either click "Finalize" to confirm receipt of the payment or cancel.

You receive funds from the other party, not Local Monero.  This way the banks don't even know it's  a crypto related payment, so any restrictions they have on crypto related transactions are bypassed.
Local Monero - Best Practices
Check feedback and choose offers from established traders who have high score, with plenty of reviews over a fair period of time, with recent reviews as well.

Pick offers from traders that are online now, this ensures a quick response and transaction. You'll usually receive funds in minutes this way.

Avoid Traders that have not been seen for a long time, regardless of feedback.

Only choose offers that clearly state "No ID" or "No KYC"

Only deal with bank transfer, cash in post or cash in person.  Offers using Revolut are also safe if you have an account with them, if not bank transfer is also good.

A Revolut online bank account is useful, as it's a good international bank, many on Local Monero use it, so it makes worldwide transactions easier.

Avoid trade offers with Paypal, Skrill, Neteller etc.  This is  where the scams are, the other party can refund the transaction themselves with these types of payment providers, long after it's been finalized on Local Monero.

Never click "Finalize" to release your Monero until you have received the funds in your bank or checked and counted the cash if it's a cash trade.
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