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$BEET Hodlers Zone

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Set slippage above 2%

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$BEET Contract Address:


Published, Verified, Audited
Ownership Renounced - No Admin Keys

Starting Supply:
9,000,000,000 BEET

Total Burned / Black Hole:
1,930,105,983 BEET

View Initial Burn TX →

Fees since last Buy Back & Burn:
(Approx current $ Value)


Last Buy Back & Burn: 6th Aug 2023
19,000,000 PLS > 8,553,893 BEET
BuyTX →  BurnTX →

Total Buy Back & Burns:
106,349,600 PLS > 39,899,312 BEET

View address →

Current Total Supply:
7,069,894,017 BEET

Stats update periodically

$BEET Liquidity Protection On PulseX Dex


Total Initial liquidity:
850,000,000 PLS / 600,000,000 BEET
(Approx $200k at time added)

50% Initial Liquidity LP's locked.
Relock date: 15th June 2024
425,000,000 PLS / 300,000,000 BEET

Verify Lock tx →


25% Initial Liquidity LP's Locked.
Relock date: 12th Oct 2023

212,500,000 PLS / 150,500,000 BEET

Verify Lock tx →

12 oct lock.jpg

25% Initial Liquidity LP's Locked.
Relock date 12th Sept 2023
212,500,000 PLS / 150,500,000 BEET

Verify Lock tx →

3 month lock.jpg

$BEET liquidity is locked to offer full protection to BEET hodlers. There is a hybrid variation of locks both long, short term for flexibility.

It's set up like this to protect both the liquidity for hodlers but also gives flexibility if critical updates to PulseChain require the liquidity pool to be migrated.

Each lock relocks at the end of it's duration, the other lock protects the liquidity while the relock process happens, so there is always a liquidity lock in place for protection.

100% safety, protection & confidence... Published, verified, audited contract, no admin keys, ownership renounced, liquidity pool LP's locked, buy back & burns, deflationary, auto rewards. We got you covered, BEET has it all...

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