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BEETroot Overview
The Swiss army knife of crypto privacy
BEETroot Tool Box
1. SugarBEET Stake 'n' Shake
Stake PLS, BEET, SWEET, HEX, PLSX, & INC to earn SWEET rewards with no lock terms. Move your assets, get clean, withdraw any amount within your balances, anytime, to any recipient with no links or tracks back to the origin.

1. Anon Exchange
Exchange between any of over 900 coins/tokens, no registering personal details required. Quick, simple, and anonymous.

2. 1SWAP Aggregator
Cross-Chain swap aggregator. Lightning quick 1 step, 1 TX on-chain swaps within and across chains. Integrated with DLN, a high performance cross-chain infrastructure by deBridge.
Not for use by citizens of the US or any US territory
BEETroot has created and put together the best cryptocurrency tools and dapps that enable anonymity and privacy whilst swapping across chains, bridging and ramping to and from fiat.

All the tools & dapps in the Privacy Hub are live, working and ready to use now. Native PLS now live on both our Anon Exchange and Privacy Bridge.

Everything you need under one roof. Stake, mix, exchange, swap, bridge, and ramp with 100% confidence.

Whilst our ground breaking flagship SugarBEET protocol was built by BEETroot from the ground up, all the other tools are bespoke and powered by trusted battle tested components from established partners such as Lets Exchange, ChangeNow, deBridge, LI-FI, Rango and LocalMonero.

Crypto has strayed far from its origins, BEETroot helps you get back to basics doing crypto the right way, as it was originally intended. Stay anonymous, stay private and stay in control.

$BEET Tokenomics

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BEET Contract
Published, Verified, Audited

Ownership Renounced
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BEET is an immutable and deflationary reflection token on the PulseChain network. Fees from the BEETroot suite of tools are used to buy & burn BEET, creating ongoing and increasing buy pressure while deflating supply. 

Black Hole

20% of the initial supply was sent to the official burn address to create a giant black hole, which attracts the reflections and sucks up supply in a disproportionate measure. See it as an eternally & provably locked friendly OA in reverse, the benefits without the keys and risk.

The black hole will keep growing and accelerating deflation, both from reflections and ever bigger buy & burns as the exchange grows.

This enables a super small transaction tax of only 2% in total to make a huge impact on deflation, combined with the buy & burns.



Hodlers are rewarded by way of auto reflections from the 2% transaction tax, simply by holding BEET in their wallet. No staking is required, your balance will increase in real time from all global BEET trades on the dex, while the total supply deflates.
Buy & Burn
Fees from exchanges and swaps are used to buy back & burn BEET at random times so the buy pumps can't be gamed. This creates ongoing & increasing long term buy pressure from it's own protocol. A self feeding cycle that will trigger further buying from the wider market, all while reducing supply on the burn.


In addition, there is the black hole sucking ever larger amounts of supply from its share of both the reflections & the buy back & burns, forever growing & accelerating deflation.

About Us

About Us

Coming from the Pulse Alts Uncensored stable, founders Marcelo Bielsa & Emperor Boomer V have over 5 years experience in crypto. 

We are independently KYC'ed, and well known trusted contributors within the Pulse Chain community, having been active in many Pulse Chain related social groups since the inception of it.

As most know, we believe in privacy & autonomy, with all facets of BEETroot geared towards that end.

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